Split a zone into trees vs plants



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    Aeon Matrix


    I suggest making use of the Yardian's zones to partition your watering areas. While I'm unfamiliar with your system's configuration, you might consider relocating the solenoid for zone 2. This adjustment could allow you to subdivide zone 2 into two new zones, each with its own solenoid.

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  • josep b

    Thanks for the answer. I'll try to explain better and also made a diagram. I can't wire cables nor new valves, nor water tubes.Yes I can connect a relay or splitter into electricity at each zone start.

    now i have:


    i want to know i anyone can solve the red parts. I can have electricity on the red parts, but no wires between them, so must use any wireless protocol or radio. It would be like a valve-splitter, that can be activated remotely.

    Thanks again for the patience

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