Does Yardigan require a subscription & can the camera be viewed without the app?



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    Aeon Matrix Team

    No. All services for smart watering, weather data, water restrictions database, all future feature updates are free. We also offer FREE 1-day video cloud storage triggered by motions.

    Regarding to the video access, our live video streaming utilizes our "peer-to-peer" technology that the video stream goes directly from the Yardian device to your cellphone (via Yardian App) without going to our servers. Only the video clips triggered by motion detection are stored in our cloud servers for you to access from anywhere. The video cloud storage is optional and is turned off by default.

    May we know the purpose to request the URI? Do you need to modify any internal camera settings?

    Best Regards, Joseph


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    Russell Gabriel

    Thank you for the prompt reply.  I'd want to access & store the feed using a local data store with something like Blue Iris ( and my Vera home automation hub. 

    This can be accomplished using RTSP as shown here;, or via jpg/mpeg using an address similar to http://IPAddress/img/video.mjpeg

    If I can access the video stream directly from my phone, then I can likely access the IP feed directly using Blue Iris.  Thanks.



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    Aeon Matrix Team

    Dear Russell,

    We do have the plan to make RTSP available around June, 2018. We will make an announcement when we release this feature. Thanks for asking.

    Best Regards, Joseph

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