Deep watering with less frequency



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    Aeon Matrix

    Hi Murray,

    You can modify the "Root Depth" for your plants.
    You can then use "Smart Program Hours" to limit the watering frequency.
    Please refer to this FAQ for instructions:

    Best Regards,

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  • John Davis

    How do you change zone run length in the smart watering program, it runs for 5 to 8 minutes for each zone and needs more time to do the job?

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  • Aeon Matrix

    Hi John,

    You could increase the Maximum Allowable Depletion (MAD) in the Plant settings page, but this will also lead to an increase in the watering intervals. Please check out this article:

    If the current watering interval is suitable for your needs and you wish to increase the watering time, an alternative approach would be to reduce the Application Rate in the Sprinkler Head setting page.

    Best regards,


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