Solenoid Whack a Mole



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    Aeon Matrix

    Hi Jeff,

    Please send an email to with your mailing address. We will send you a replacement and see if it's the controller issue.

    Best regards,

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  • Aeon Matrix

    Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for sending us 2 of your solenoids.
    I would like to post the test results here so it may help other people with similar issues.

    Solenoid #1 (2 wires with similar length) tested 54.1 ohm and it can be detected by the Yardian (Pro).
    It's been running well for 3 days.


    Solenoid #2 (1 shorter wire and 1 longer wire) tested 7.42 mega ohm and it can NOT be detected by the Yardian (Pro). However, the resistance is measured 46.9 ohm the second day and it can be detected now!

    The resistance changed from "open circuit" to within normal range.

    We also found that the wire splice cap is filled with mud and this might cause issues when it's buried.  


    I think this explains why you get different results while scanning.
    The resistance changes! It's recommended to replace those with issues.
    Thanks again for working with us to identify the issue.
    We believe the results can benefit other users as well.

    Best regards,



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